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Courses Offered

Achieve Driving Improvement School LLC provides a flexible schedule for courses we offer. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and caring.  We offer affordable prices because we know $$$ cost is important. You can register and pay online or pay the day of the class. Online course must be paid before you take the course. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our offerings and contact Achieve Driving Improvement School to learn more.


Driver Improvement Clinic/Defensive Driving Course

If you are taking the driver improvement class to comply with a DMV mandate, court order for a traffic ticket dismissal, voluntarily for the awarding of 5 safe driving points, or for an auto insurance premium discount, we strive to make your driver improvement class the best experience!!!  We make the entire process easy from the starting of your class registration and ending with the awarding of your completion certificate after passing the test at the end of the class. 
This Course Satisfies Requirements for:
Traffic Courts
Insurance Discounts
Point Reductions
You can register and pay online or pay the day of the class. You can also call to schedule a class. The cost is $85. We offer Classes on Sundays the cost is $100.


Online Driver Improvement Clinic/Defensive Driving Course

Our Online Driver Improvement Clinic is accepted by Virginia Courts and DMV. The cost of the Online Driver Improvement Clinic is $85.00 which cost less than your insurance premiums going up because of a traffic violation. Some Virginia lawyers will advise clients to take this course before going to court for a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation.  If you have a busy schedule or you are an out of state driver and got a ticket in Virginia the online class is a great option!!! Take this course at your leisure in the comfort of your home on a smartphone, computer or tablet!!! Once completed, your Certificate of Completion will electronically emailed to you. Classes are available online in English and Spanish online. 

This Course Satisfies Requirements for:


Traffic Courts

Insurance Discounts

Point Reductions


Driver's Education Classroom

Teen & Adult Driver’s Education Classroom. We also offer this course online too. Before a student begins the Behind the Wheel to obtain their driver's license, proof of completion of a driver education classroom course must be submitted. Classroom is a 30 hour course approved by the Department of Education. The course is offered in increments of 2-4 sessions of 50 minutes throughout a two week period until completed 30 hours are completed. The cost is $225. Behind-the Wheel 7 Day Course is $375 (Teens under 18) and $395 for 18 years and older. Call our office to register and schedule.

Driving School

Teen Behind-the-Wheel

The DMV REQUIRES 14 hours which includes 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of observation for teen age drivers <18 years of age. This course is not designed to learn you how to drive but show that the student is prepared for a driver's license. We offer Private Driving Lessons to teach you how to drive. Cost for Teen Behind the Wheel is $375. We can issue a temporary Driver's License if the student pass the Road Test with us. Call us to register and schedule.

Driving Lesson

Adult Driver's Education

If you are already know how to drive, you can obtain your driver's license without the 60 day waiting period. You must show proof of Completion of a Driver Education Classroom. If not we offer the Driver Education Classroom (30 hour course)   online class $195.


Three Fail Learner's Permit Course- Driver's Manual Course

This course is for those who failed the learner's permit 3 times at DMV. You must take this course to obtain a Re-Examination Certificate in order to go back to DMV and take the learner's permit test until you pass. If you are under 18 years old, you must have completed the Driver's Education Class portion 36 periods (30 hour Course) in a Virginia school or online before taking the 3 Failed Learner's Permit Course and show proof of completion. If you have never taken this course we offer it in person classroom and online. The cost for the 3 Failed Learner's Permit (Driver's Manual Course) is $175.

Girl in Car.PNG

Private Lessons

If you need to get ready for the road test at DMV we will get you prepared. The advantages of taking Private Lessons are building confidence with proper techniques for the DMV road test. Also it can help reduce road-test anxiety at the DMV. We also offer a Private Driving Lesson Package. We also pickup and drop off for a fee. Cost $75.00 for 1 hour lesson. You can sign up for as many lessons as you need.


Online Driver Education Course

Online Driver Education Course. You can complete the Online Driver Education Class Online. This course is the 30 Hour Course for the Classroom portion of the Driver Education Course for Teens and Adults (Adult Waiver).

An Adult Waiver is way for most adults in Virginia to get a driver’s license is by taking a 2-Part Adult Driver’s Education course. (Driver's Education Class and Behind the Wheel). You don't need to hold your learner's permit for 60 days and don't need to take the road test at DMV. You can do this through the Adult Waiver Driver Education Program.

If you are 18 years or older, have a Virginia learner’s permit, and know how to drive, and have never had a driver's license in Virginia, or in any other state or foreign country before, you can get your license through an Adult Driver’s Education. After completing Adult Driver’s Education, you get an Adult Waiver which you can mail into DMV, fax or take to DMV customer service center and they will mail you your driver’s license.

Note: If you have already passed classroom Driver’s Education in a Virginia public school or private school, you can present your Driver’s Ed Green Card (DEC-01)

 Disclaimer: The Behind the Wheel portion of Adult Driver’s Education is not sufficient to teach a beginner to drive. Beginners will need to take at least 5 or more Private Driving Lessons before attempting Adult Behind the Wheel.

Cost of the Online Driver's Education Course is $175. Call our office if you have any questions before signing up and paying online for this class.  No refund policy. All Sales are Final. It can only be exchanged for the in person 30 hour Driver's Education Classroom. There is an additional $75 for in person classroom.


Online 3 Failed Learner's Permit Course

If you failed the learner's permit 3 times at the DMV, you can take this online course and receive your electronic Re-Examination Certificate to take to the DMV and retake the learner's permit test.

All ages are eligible. However, please be aware of the following:

  1. If you are UNDER the age of 18 and you want to take this online 8-Hour Driver's Manual course, you MUST provide us proof of having completed the classroom component of a 30-hour driver's education course BEFORE you are allowed to enroll in the program.

  2. Only certain documents prove that you have completed the classroom component of a 30-hour driver's education course. You must submit either a signed DEC-1 form ("Green Card") from your high school or a signed certificate from a DMV approved course provider. 

  3. You must email a copy of your proof of completion to our school, Achieve Driving Improvement School LLC, at

  4. If you have questions about providing proof of completion of a driver's education course, please email us or call our offices at (804) 892-3624.

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